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Remember this is your consultation and you are in charge.

Have your partner, friend or relative with you for support and to take notes. Prior to the consultation make a list of questions and issues that you want to discuss. It is an opportunity to tell the doctor your concerns and goals. and ask questions. There should be a dialogue.

Not everyone is ready to start fertility treatment. You may be there because you want to start a family in the future and want better understanding regarding choices for treatment

The doctor will want to know your history such as past medical history, family medical history as some conditions may be hereditary, previous gynaecological history, any  menstrual issues.  Previous  fertility treatments, miscarriages and live births. It is a good idea to bring with you  any test results or medical reports such as surgical procedures or previous fertility treatments. Let the doctor know how you wish to proceed based on what you are comfortable with.

Ask about the cost of test of treatment and success rates. Clinic policies, out of hours contact, weekend service, contact phone numbers to call. Discuss the tests and what to expect about each. Have a schedule of the diagnostic tests to be performed and the treatment plan as many of the tests are on certain days of your cycle.

It is important to communicate any issues such as if you cannot come to clinic on certain days due to religion or your partner is often not available due to work.. These issues are easily resolved. Let doctor know if there are religious or cultural preferences regarding the plan. This can be worked around. There are pros and cons about each choice. Let doctor know how you feel about the plan. This is not a life and death situation and you can go as fast or slow as you want. Have a To do List.

Think about how treatment will impact your family, work and relationships. Have a support system such as family friends, support group. It is important that you leave your appointment with a plan  that you are comfortable with and that your questions were answered.



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