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Preconception Health

Preconception health – 10 top tips To give yourself the best chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy, healthcare professionals recommend a healthy lifestyle before you start to try for a baby. So with that in mind, here are tens top tips for improving your health. A good diet

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Your first consultation with fertility doctor

Remember this is your consultation and you are in charge. Have your partner, friend or relative with you for support and to take notes. Prior to the consultation make a list of questions and issues that you want to discuss. It is an opportunity to tell the doctor your concerns

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The long two weeks-pregnancy test result

Waiting for the pregnancy test result is often described as the most stressful time. It doesn’t matter whether or not you used medications or had fertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination or IVF. It is normal to feel anxious, emotional, negative, excited, worried, stressed at this time. You may be

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Baroness Mary Wornock died at age 94

Baroness Mary Wornock, philosopher and IVF ethics pioneer died at age 94 on 20th March 2019. In 1984 she chaired an enquiry known as the Wornock Report, into human fertilisation and embryology following the birth of the world’s first IVF baby. The Report highlighted the need for guidelines and limits

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